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Mental Health: Return to the Office

According to McKinsey & Company 2021, 49% of workers said returning to work has harmed their mental health. Almost half of those who have not yet returned anticipate negative mental health impacts.

The pandemic took a toll on our mental health, and employees will likely encounter yet another wave of stress and anxiety as they return to the workplace. 

Employers who prioritize psychological safety alongside physical safety in their post-pandemic operations will be the ones who have smooth transitions.

Mental health support can affect critical workplace outcomes, including employee well-being, morale, productivity, and absenteeism.


Employers can take immediate action by providing their employees with the tools and resources required to manage their mental health as a first-line defense before
seeking professional help.


Sample Mental Health and Wellness Topics
                    Sessions will be tailored after data from Focus Groups and Surveys are collected.

Mental Health: What are your Triggers?

An introduction to mindfulness will allow
participants to learn self-awareness of how their emotions influence their behaviors and what triggers these reactions.

Stress Managment: Do You Have a Plan? 

This course will allow you to identify your stressors and customize a plan to help you manage personal and professional stress. 

Belonging in a Remote Environment.

You will learn how to establish and maintain healthy remote workplace boundaries to facilitate work/life balance, prevent burnout, and minimize isolation.

The Pathophysiological Signs of Stress on the Body.

You will learn how burnout shows up as chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, anger, isolation, irritability, and substance abuse. Learn evidence-based tips to mitigate and heal from burnout. 

Wellness: Self-Care Tips During Stressful Events.

You will learn how nutrition, exercise, and sleep nourish your body to help manage the effects of stress. 

Peer Support: How To Support a Co-Worker During a Crisis

In this interactive course, you will learn the definition of peer support and its place and importance in the workplace through role-play scenarios. 

What Our Clients Say

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager- Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

I highly recommend Kym to any company seeking to transform its organization at the people and organizational level. 

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