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Kym Ali is a Registered Nurse and Founder of Kym Ali Consulting Firm.


Kym works closely with the Energy and Tech Industry to emphasize the importance of  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to create inclusive workplace cultures to leverage innovation.


While living overseas, Kym lost her job due to systemic racism and relocated back to the States. Two weeks later, her niece passed away; the stress took a toll on her. Two weeks later, Kym suffered a heart attack in her 30's;


Kym knew she had to stop pretending to be strong and seek the support she needed. Unfortunately, after several unsuccessful therapy sessions, Kym knew she had to take control, she became a Mental Health Coach to heal herself.


Kym now empowers oil and energy leaders to create inclusive workplace cultures and leverage innovation to transition to renewable energy by 2050. Did you know that 

·    High Turnover Rates

·    Low Morale

·    Poor Performance

·    Increased Sick Calls

·    Increased Medical Leave

·    Brand Reputation

·    Toxic Work Culture

 All stem from employee burnout and belonging. Imagine how much your organization can save by investing in your employee's overall well-being and creating inclusive environments where everyone thrives.


Let's hop on a call and discuss strategies to create an inclusive work culture.

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Kym Ali

Founder of Kym Ali Consulting Firm

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