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About Us

Kym Ali is a Registered Nurse and a leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Mental Health Consultant in the Oil & Gas and Energy Industry. After traveling to 66 countries, Kym knows the true meaning of Diversity.

Kym works with Fortune 100 companies and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as CBS, Newsy, and Voice of America. She has saved one organization over $2.3 million dollars in turnover costs.


Her team of DE&I Consultants, Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide unique and effective solutions emphasizing the importance of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, and Mental Health in the workplace.

Did you know that:  

·    High Turnover Rates

·    Decreased Engagement and Productivity 

·    Poor Performance

·    Low Morale

·    Increased Medical Leave

·    Brand Reputation

·    Toxic Work Culture

 All stem from employee burnout and belonging. Imagine how much your organization can save by investing in your employee's overall well-being and creating inclusive environments where everyone thrives.


Let's hop on a call and discuss strategies to create an inclusive and psychosocially safe work culture.

Meet the Team

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Kym Ali MSN, RN

Founder of Kym Ali Consulting Firm

Nurse| DE&I| Mental Health| Wellness| Behavior Change

Cage Code: 8U1L8

DUNS# 117825808  

EIN# 85-1285107

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Nedra Weinreich
Design Strategist

Lequita Brooks - LCSW
Licensed Clinical
Social Worker

Melissa Alaba MA.LCP
Licensed Professional



611710: Education Support

611430: Professional & Management Development Training

541612: Human Resource Consulting

525120: Health & Welfare Funds

Past Performance

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